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From time to time we have kids that need help with specific needs. Sometimes it is for a special surgery, splints or appliances in their home (such as a wooden chair, standing table, car seat and/or exercise equipment).

We will feature these kids here and let you know of their needs physically and financially. If you are interested in helping, please go to the “Donate” area below.

Introducing Doua

Doua Is a little girl who lives in a small village in Morocco.

She is 4 years old. Doua has never walked because was born with clubbed feet. She had surgery on her right foot 18 months ago. The surgery didn’t produce much in the way of improvement. When we met this sweet little girl, she still had all the plates and pins in her foot. It broke our hearts to see that she couldn’t keep up with her friends and go to pre-school. We wanted to try to help her.

We stepped out in faith and connected her with a top notch orthopedic pediatric surgeon in Casablanca, about 400 miles from her village. She has made numerous trips to Casablanca. She has been poked and casted and x-rayed and … On January 20th Doua underwent surgery to correct her left foot and all the leftover hardware was removed from her right foot at the same time. She will likely need at least one more surgery in order to get her feet as straight as possible. Each surgery costs around $2,200 U.S. dollars.

If you are interested in helping Doua with her expenses for her surgeries, travel, and lodging costs – please use the Donate button below. Then just follow the instructions! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your interest in our work with disabled children.

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Thank you for your interest in helping our children at Asays. We assure you that all contributions to Center Asays will go to the childrens care. There are two ways to donate:

  1. Electronically – Click the button above “Donate Now” and follow the instructions.
  2. By Mail – Send a check to:
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    Make the check out to “Altlink” and mark it for “Helping Hands North Africa”, account #1018250-031.

We really appreciate your kindness!